October 14, 2022

Head of Programs

  • Deadline: 25/11/2022
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Organization: Trust for indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH)
  • Salary: USD $ 4000
Full Time

We are hiring a Head of Programs


TICAH is a feminist organization that works to promote health, equitable relationships, and community action. We dream of safe and just societies where barriers to equitable health and social outcomes are removed including for the most marginalized populations, where rights are realized, holistic health is attained and where the beauty of culture and diversity is celebrated.

Our definition of health recognises the links between health, values and culture, the role of art in communication and the elevation of marginalised voices and ideas, that there is much to be gained by engaging with our traditional cultures, that access to quality health information & services is critical and the power of nutrition and herbs in overall wellness cannot be overlooked.

We work toward communities driving and owning all implementation through our tried and tested methodologies: Listening and Co-Creation of interventions with communities, Creation of Safe Spaces for Values Clarification and Training of Trainers; Advocacy, where we raise our voices to advocate for better laws, policies and practices to protect rights, access to holistic health services, freedom of expression and sexual & reproductive health & rights. We celebrate the beauty and diversity of ideas, ethnicities, religions, sexuality, music, art, genders, indigenous cultures, and traditions as expressions of a healthy society.

Our priority areas are Gender Justice, Climate Justice and Holistic Health. TICAH’s 4 programs are:

Art for Connection & Healing: Working with artists and through arts practices to build community, activate and revitalize public spaces, raise marginalized voices and find healing and wellness.
Healthy Households working with households to stay healthy and prevent illness by incorporating practical, affordable, and sustainable practices by focusing on food and herbal remedies.
Indigenous Knowledge and Culture Working closely with cultural practitioners and elders to bring positive indigenous knowledge and culture into holistic health and solving community challenges.
Our Bodies, Our Choices, a SRH program encouraging more honest and healthy approaches to sexual life through curricula, trainings, peer discussions and a hotline. With like-minded organizations we advocate for comprehensive sexuality education, and access to safe legal abortion.
With a team of 18, TICAH’s work has impacted over 120,000 people in increasing knowledge, agency and access to health services and fundamental rights and coordinates National and Regional networks.

This is an exciting time in TICAH’s journey! After 19 years of impact we have just finalized our new 5-year strategic plan. It emphasizes our mission of amplifying community action towards holistic health and fundamental rights and affirms an intersectional and multidisciplinary programming approach. We are committed to impact 500,000 people by the year 2026.

To support successful implementation of our Strategic Goals and Plan, we are building out our team and networks, internal systems and capacities and creating new senior leadership roles to take TICAH to greater heights. More details on our new strategy plan here and here.

Learn more: https://www.ticahealth.org/


About the role

The Head of Programs leads TICAH programming strategically, driving innovation and learning to achieve the ambitious Strategic Plan. You will lead the creation of the systems, team and culture needed to achieve our impact at scale.

This is a highly strategic, creative and collaborative role to ensure our programs truly amplify community action to realize the transformative power of culture. You will help institutionalize a multidisciplinary way of working, developing and proving our art-culture-health framework and unique methodologies further.

This is a new role at TICAH, and together with the ED, Head of Finance & Operations and Head of Partnerships forms the leadership team. You will manage the 4 Senior Programs Managers, the MELS Manager, chair the Programs Committee and participate in the Communications & Fundraising Committees.


Your responsibilities will include the following:

Provide Organization & Department Leadership

This role is part of the Leadership Team and plays a key role in providing strategic direction to TICAH and ensuring the Strategic Plan is implemented.
Provide technical leadership to the annual reviews of the Strategic Plan. Ensure all Programs and MELS strategies, frameworks and SOPs align to the Strategic Plan and its revisions.
Steer progress towards all strategic goals and outcomes relating to our programming through leading initiatives to refine and innovate our programming and models. Bring key insights, proposed changes and decisions to be made to the Leadership Team and Board.
As a member of the Communication Committee, help identify, support and pursue strategic opportunities for promotion and advocacy of TICAH’s work, impact and learnings.
As a member of the Fundraising Committee, contribute to identifying fundraising gaps and opportunities, ensuring we grow relationships with existing donors and attract new financial supporters towards our work. This includes contributing to stewarding new potential partners, concept design and proposal writing/editing.
Represent TICAH and our beliefs and work externally through speaking engagements, networking in the industry, and collaboration on creation of op-eds, articles, research, publications, reports, pitch decks, etc.

Spearhead Programs Strategy, Design and Goals

Chair and lead the Programs Committee towards its purpose of ensuring quality and consistent implementation of the Strategic Plan across all programs. Realize an intersectional perspective by promoting multidisciplinary collaborations across the program portfolio and actively supporting and synergizing with the MELS Committee and the Communications and Fundraising Committees.
Provide strategic oversight to program design, ensuring our work is truly community driven and creates transformational outcomes. Spearhead the articulation and implementation of our Culture-Art-Health Framework and our unique TICAH methodologies as we grow.
Lead program innovation by shaping internal conversations to reimagine things, helping creative ideas and approaches emerge, be refined, and prioritized for internal innovation funding.
Drive Program Learning: Ensure that insights from Monitoring & Evaluation are drawn and applied organization wide for program improvement and made available for external sharing as relevant.
Ensure we are plugged into relevant networks and big conversations around what works in our areas of work.
Grow non-funding partnerships in service of Strategic Goals, e.g. replication of our model, advocacy efforts, organizational and technical learning, etc..
Lead a TICAH-wide Impact and Goals Dashboard, tracking progress on the corporate and programmatic strategic outcomes.
Identify capacity building needs in the organization relating to programming for our new strategy

Oversee Program Implementation and Reporting

Lead the annual work planning process, supporting Senior Program Managers to facilitate creation of realistic work plans, budgets and implementation frameworks with their teams.
Coordinate the quarterly program review process, including the creation of quarterly Strategic Plan Implementation Briefs in collaboration with the Programs, MELS and Fundraising Committees, analyzing the progress and highlighting changes, trends and opportunities.
Shape internal tracking and reporting procedures to ensure issues around implementation, outcomes, and compliance are effectively identified and handled as early as possible.
Ensure effective use of funds by supporting the link between the Finance and Program teams as necessary towards thoughtful budget creation, monthly tracking and timely reallocations.
Evolve workflows and processes in line with org chart changes and our learning and strategy review processes.
Oversee the program team’s work in building strong relationships with current donors (as per donor stewarding plans developed by Fundraising Committee). This includes ensuring timely, smooth, excellent and compliant donor reporting by overseeing the donor reporting calendar, working with team members in charge to meet timelines. The final approval on all donor reports is shared with the Head of Finance & Operations.
Ensure implementation of the Program SOP and updates as needed.

Team Management

Lead, manage and support the Senior Program Managers in charge of the four programs and the MELS Managers to meet their and their teams’ goals. Provide mentorship and advice so staff carry out their responsibilities effectively.
Partner with HR in the development of the program team structure over the next years to ensure adequate staffing for our big ambitious goals.
Spearhead Performance Management for the Program and MELS team (goal setting, training needs and development opportunities, appraisals), working closely with HR and the Senior Program Managers.

Who we are looking for:

You hold a deep belief that communities own their challenges, solutions and decisions and you have dedicated your career to driving programming that strengthens communities’ self-determination through a facilitative approach. You believe in the individual’s right to choose and self-determine when it comes to their health, e.g. sexual and reproductive health rights, alternative treatments.
You share our passion for holistic health and fundamental human rights and are dedicated to addressing the intersections of the climate crisis, health and inequalities in Kenya. The multidisciplinary opportunities between our 4 program areas ignite your creativity and curiosity.
Excited to co-lead an organization at a growth and change phase. You have previously contributed to cross-cutting discussions on organizational strategy and change management.
A visionary and strategic community programming leader:
At least 10 years of relevant progressive program management experience, with a strong track record leading the program management cycle from concept/design, fundraising, planning to implementation, evaluation and reporting.
Experience implementing rights-based, participatory approaches to holistic health, and especially the intersections of art, culture, HIV, NCDs, nutrition, SRHR, particularly for the most marginalized population groups incl. Indigenous People, AGYW, LGBTIQ+, people living with disability, and people living in urban slums.
You possess strong strategic thinking skills with a track record of creating successful strategies in various contexts, incl. promoting outcomes/impact thinking in programming.
You are plugged into relevant networks and spaces, stay abreast with trends and big conversations about what works (in at least one of our focus areas: holistic health, gender justice, climate justice)
Experience scaling programs while retaining depth and quality is crucial for this role.
You know what great M&E looks like. Experience in designing, setting up and coordinating monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment systems and processes of a program.
Track record in building strong relationships with current donors and writing/coordinating excellent donor reports.
Strong management and leadership skills
Vast experience managing various teams. You have a track record in mentoring and developing people, while holding them accountable to their goals and plans.
You have previously supported managers in leading their teams to achieve ambitious goals.
Your strong listening skills allow you to build rapport and unearth challenges, needs, opportunities and solutions.
You have a toolbox of participatory methodologies, with a strong ability to bring people together and facilitate insightful conversations that lead to consensus around the way forward, e.g. change in strategies or processes
Demonstrated experience in leading annual work planning cycles, and monitoring implementation.
You care about efficiency and have a track record of improving and optimizing processes and procedures in organizations and influencing people to use the new and improved way of working.
Strong ability to understand, communicate, and effectively interact across cultures
You have succeeded in engaging a WIDE range of stakeholders, from policy makers in high-level forums to traditional elders in the communities to young women in urban slums.
You are happy to roll up your sleeves, help implement activities as needed and meet our communities where they are.
You hold at least a relevant bachelor’s degree.

You have the cultural fit to work with the team at TICAH if

You are genuinely interested and comfortable conversing on diverse ideas and opinions. You continuously challenge your own assumptions and beliefs
You love or are interested in exploring the African indigenous culture
You don’t judge people for their life choices but genuinely want to support them!
You think out of the box, and work hard to see your crazy ideas come to life
You are humble and comfortable in varying social and professional settings, alternating between interacting with grassroots community members, and high-level stakeholders
You walk your talk, your words and actions mirror your personal and professional beliefs. You are self driven and genuinely are excited to be contributing to positive change in the world
You genuinely listen to understand, and believe that those closest to the problem are best placed to find solutions to the problem.

Why work with us

You will be part of growing our impact with a vast exciting network and pool of partnerships that we have built over the past 19 years
Opportunity to shape a multidisciplinary approach to fundamental rights and holistic health in communities
An opportunity to dream of all possible solutions and make them come true
We are a committed team and we treat each other like family
Our team works hard and also realizes the importance of having fun in and out of work
We walk our talk. We are brave and bold in everything we do
We are an egalitarian organization – if equality and fair access to opportunity excites you, join us!

Other information

Anticipated start date is January 2023 or earlier. The role will be based in our Karen office with occasional home office option if workflow allows. We are looking for candidates who are excited to make a long-term commitment.

There will be a six-month probationary period and we will agree on performance and learning objectives.


How to apply

Read this guide with tips on our selection process: http://bit.ly/CandidatesGuide
If you are interested in the role and have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to ticah@edgeperformance.co.ke
Apply by filling out the application survey below
You will be asked to upload your CV as part of the application form. Make sure it is tailored towards the role, no longer than 3 pages and in PDF format.
The recruitment is carried out in collaboration with edge. All communication regarding this role will come only from email addresses in the domains @edgeperformance.co.ke and @ticahealth.org

How to apply:

The recruitment is carried out in collaboration with edge. All communication regarding this role will come only from email addresses in the domains @edgeperformance.co.ke and @ticahealth.org