April 7, 2021

Request for Proposals – Gender and JEDI Advisor

  • Deadline: 21/04/2021
  • Location:
  • Organization: International Confederation of Midwives
Full Time


Request for Proposals – Gender and JEDI Advisor


The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is seeking suitably qualified candidates or an organisation to support ICM in mainstreaming Gender and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion principles across all its activities. The consultancy is expected to take place within six months (or earlier), starting from June 2021.

Location: home-based, consultancy interactions with ICM staff are expected to take place virtually.

Process: Submit Expression of Interest (EoI) specifying methodology, work plan for deliverables, fees and experience of undertaking similar assignments to S.Pairman@internationalmidwives.org and S.Mandke@internationalmidwives.org. The deadline for submitting EoI is: 21st April 2021.


With a unique and vital role as the only organization specifically focused on supporting Associations of midwives and their midwife members around the world, ICM is recognized as a leader in providing knowledge, resources, and support to the midwifery profession. ICM also adds value to the broader global landscape by contributing to improving sexual, reproductive, maternal, and child health, gender equality, and equal access to quality health care for women and communities.


A newly developed 2021 – 2023 strategic plan positions ICM as a partner, advocate, technical advisor, and knowledge base for midwives associations and midwives around the world. It will allow the organization to grow and expand in tailored ways that will make the largest impact on the profession of midwifery, with broader impacts on gender equality, human rights, and universal health coverage. Within this strategic plan, cross-cutting priorities have been identified for all areas of work: advancing gender equality and prioritising justice, diversity, equity and inclusion (JEDI).

As gender equality impacts every element of the three priorities of ICM’s newly developed strategic plan, understanding how pervasive inequalities affect the profession of midwifery is vital to ensuring ICM’s remit is poised to work to address these issues. By utilizing a gender lens (e.g., examining

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) supports, represents and works to strengthen

professional associations of midwives throughout the world. There are currently 143 Members

Associations (MAs), representing 124 countries across every continent and over 1 million midwives


elements of work and their impact on women and gender equality), across all of the strategic priorities, their key objectives, and ICM projects, ICM will be better positioned to both promote gender equality and to work to enact processes and approaches that will help to shape the lived realities of midwives and the women they serve in a variety of geographies.

Similarly, by acknowledging and working to combat all forms of racism and discrimination, ICM will act as a leader, modeling and prioritizing justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion (JEDI) in all of its work. This will include efforts to promote diverse leadership, as well as equity and inclusion within ICM’s staff, programmes, and MAs. ICM will advance justice and stand against racism by fighting barriers to equitable, respectful, and culturally appropriate midwifery care for all women and communities. These efforts will enhance outcomes and drive sustainable progress for midwives, women, and communities, regardless of their ethnicity, disability, race, origin, religion, or sexual orientation/identity.

Scope of Work

ICM seeks to hire an expert/experts to strengthen our capacity to transform into a more inclusive and intersectional organization. We seek support in designing a process to understand how gender inequality, racism and discrimination operate within the global health sector and specifically midwifery, and to strengthen ICM’s organisational response to what is learnt.

We are open to hiring an individual consultants, or a team who can undertake the multi-levelled scope of work. We strongly encourage people of colour / black, indigenous, minority, ethnic, LGBTQIA+ people, those with disabilities or those from non-Western countries to apply for this role.

Activities and Deliverables

1:Conduct an intersectional analysis of ICM’s activities, including policies, strategic priorities and objectives, programmes, partnerships and structures, to develop a report outlining current organisational status from gender and JEDI lens;

2:Consult ICM staff, Board Members and other key stakeholders to draft Gender and JEDI policy for ICM and create a Gender and JEDI mainstreaming plan including a road map for both short and long- term changes;

3. Develop implementation guidelines to mainstream Gender and JEDI across all activities of ICM;

4. Develop a Gender and JEDI guide for distribution to ICM’s Member Associations and other key stakeholders.

Evaluation Criteria

  •   Deep understanding of intersectionality and experience of practical application of intersectional analysis;
  •   A deep commitment to Gender equality and JEDI principles and knowledge of contemporary thinking around Gender and JEDI issues relating to both internal organisational and individual reflection and external engagement with the ICM community;
  •   Experience in best-practice implementation of Gender and JEDI principles and policy in an organisation;
  •   Experience and expertise in SRHR and maternal health (midwifery-specific expertise a bonus);
  •   Experience of reviewing large-scale, complex global programmes through gender and intersectional lenses;
  •   Strong analytical skills to gather and organise information and resources, compile and prepare data, and synthesize knowledge from diverse sources of information.Budget

    Proposed budgets will be reviewed with respect to the suitability of the methology, work plan and activities for deliverables in a cost-effective manner. A cap of $30,000 (including VAT if applicable) has been earmarked for this exercise.

How to apply:

Process: Submit Expression of Interest (EoI) specifying methodology, work plan for deliverables, fees and experience of undertaking similar assignments to S.Pairman@internationalmidwives.org and S.Mandke@internationalmidwives.org