TAF Director

The CSIF Gender TAF Director leads CARE Australia’s engagement with the CEI managed project the CARE-She-Trades Impact Fund (CSIF). The mission of the CSIF is to apply an investment strategy that focuses on deliberate analysis, decisions and ways to address systematic gender inequality to improve social returns as well as business outcomes. CSIF will invest in mission-driven companies with leaders committed to fostering a safe, inclusive workplace for all employees and supply chain actors, and in businesses that create improved products and services that promote economic inclusion in particular for disenfranchised women.

The TAF Director oversees the development of a Technical Assistance Facility TAF which runs alongside but is separate to the CARE-SheTrades Impact Fund. The TAF will deliver gender technical assistance to the investee companies. Responsibilities include development of the TAF model, recruitment and management of staff to provide gender TA, quality assurance and the monitoring of the results of such TA services to the companies, and contribution to learning and evolution of the field of gender lens investment.

The position is currently at a 0.5 FTE (at February 2021), but will evolve to a 0.8FTE/fulltime position when the TAF comes online and the investment companies are enrolled in the fund (subject to funding).

Key Responsibilities

Oversee the design, planning and launch of the TAF model.
Recruit and train a cadre of gender experts from CARE and possibly local consultants ready to fulfill the TA delivery to the companies. Gender experts will have skills in business acumen, behavioural science, and organizational change processes to deliver coaching, mentoring and training services to the companies during the timeline of the CSIF’s investment.
Lead the design and deployment of TA to companies in the CSIF Portfolio, in close collaboration with the CSIF Investment Team.
Maintains quality of TA services by
Developing simple performance standards for TA;
Monitoring and reinforcing quality and customer service standards;
Analyzing and resolving quality and customer service problems;
Recommending system improvements.
5. Project management and contribution to business development .

6. Contribute to CEI’s goal of contributing to overall thought leadership including contributions to the learning and evolution of the gender lens investment field, by innovation, documenting lessons, sharing learning new tools and approaches, and public speaking.

7. Support CSIF investment team in applying a gender lens throughout the investment cycle.



medica mondiale e.V. seeks a female TEAM OF EVALUATORS for a final evaluation:


Desired data collection period in-country (field work planned pending development of the Covid-19 situation): Quarter 2 of 2021

Project Title: Development of a contextualised staff-care concept in a conflict region

Country: Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Dohuk and Erbil Provinces.

Implementing Partner in Project Country: EMMA Organisation for Human Development

Project Duration: 12/2018 – 12/2021

Project background, evaluation objectives / scope / questions / methodology / timeline / outputs:

The full TOR (https://www.medicamondiale.org/en/who-we-are/jobs.html) provides information about the purpose and objectives of the evaluation, background information about the project, and details about the scope of work, evaluation questions, methodological requirements as well as the projected timeline for the evaluation with outputs and deliverables.

application procedure:

Applications with the subject line ‘GIZ KRI evaluation’ are received under evaluation@medicamondiale.org until March 8, 2021, 8 a.m. Questions can be asked under evaluation@medicamondiale.org. Please send an entire offer, including your daily rate and a full budget (up to 15,000 – 20,000 euro), and indicate on which platform you found this TOR. Only short listed/successful candidates will be contacted. The interviews are likely to take place from March 15th to 19th, 2021.

professional qualifications:

The key selection criteria are the methodological evaluation expertise and experience in qualitative and quantitative methods, the professional expertise and experience especially in the areas of psychosocial support and services for SGBV survivors, capacity development and empowerment; cultural and conflict sensitivity; gender- and trauma-sensitivity; a feminist and intersectional research perspective; regional competency, including language proficiency; analytical, verbal and written communication skills. It is expected that data from female staff or beneficiaries are collected by female team members.

about medica mondiale e.V.:

medica mondiale e.V. (www.medicamondiale.org) is a non-governmental organisation based in Cologne, Germany. As a feminist women’s rights and aid organisation medica mondiale e.V. supports women and girls in war and crisis zones throughout the world. Through own programmes and in cooperation with local women’s organisations we offer holistic support to women and girl survivors of sexualised and gender-based violence. On the political level, we pro-actively promote women’s rights, call for a rigorous punishment of crimes as well as effective protection, justice and political participation for survivors of violence. Currently medica mondiale e.V. is working in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan, in Afghanistan, in Liberia, in Kosovo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the African Great Lakes Region.

Through programmes and in partnership with local women’s rights organisations, medica mondiale e.V. takes a multi-level approach to address the various factors contributing to violence against women and girls: On the individual level, medica mondiale e.V. provides access to holistic services (psychosocial, health, legal, economical) for survivors of s/gbv. On the level of women’s and girls’ social environment, medica mondiale e.V. supports communities to recognize and protect women’s and girls’ rights and to support survivors of s/gbv. On the institutional level, medica mondiale capacitates public institutions from the health and legal sector to adopt a stress- and trauma-sensitive approach towards survivors and to establish cross-institutional referral and support systems. On the political level, medica mondiale advocates for laws, policies and resolutions that address s/gbv and promote women’s political participation. On the societal level, medica mondiale e.V. campaigns against sexism and gender stereotypes, raises awareness on s/gbv or the long-term impacts of trauma within societies.