September 30, 2021

Capacity Development Lead

  • Deadline: 30/10/2021
  • Location: Global, home-based
  • Organization: Prevention Collaborative
  • Salary:
Full Time

The Prevention Collaborative seeks an enthusiastic expert in online and blended learning,
instructional design, and capacity development to join our virtual team.
The Prevention Collaborative is a global network of practitioners, activists, and researchers
working to better equip ourselves and others with the vision, knowledge, and skills necessary to
end violence against women and their children. We strengthen the capacity of key actors to
deliver effective violence prevention programmes, based on feminist principles and evidence-and
practice-based knowledge.
A key element of our strategy is providing customised learning opportunities through an online
Learning Lab—a virtual platform that offers self-directed and synchronous group courses
facilitated by Prevention Collaborative staff and mentors. We also develop and deliver
participatory workshops as part of our organisational mentorship strategy known as
The Capacity Strengthening Lead will be responsible for overall strategy and management of our
Capacity Strengthening workstream. They will be the primary person in charge of maintaining and
expanding our Learning Lab, and ensuring the Collaborative stays current with best practice in
adult learning and virtual engagement. As team lead, the incumbent will manage a small team of
staff and consultants to design and implement courses related to violence, feminist practice,
programme design, and implementation. Additionally, they will expand participation in our online
courses and maintain coherence between the Collaborative’s capacity building efforts and other
Collaborative workstreams.

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