March 17, 2021

Call for tender: Development and delivery Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training

  • Deadline: 08/04/2021
  • Location: Remote
  • Organization: Womankind Worldwide
Full Time

A. Background:

Womankind Worldwide is a global women’s rights organisation working in partnership with women’s rights movements and organisations to transform the lives of women and girls. We strengthen and support women’s movements in our focus countries in Africa and Asia, and take collective action at regional and global levels, to ensure women’s voices are heard, their rights are realised, and their lives are free from violence.

Womankind is in the inception phase of a new 5-year multi-partner, multi-country, policy and advocacy programme – Advancing Women’s Engagement: Strengthening Opportunities to Mobilise for Equality (AWESOME). AWESOME is funded by the Netherlands government under Power of Women funding framework and will focus on strengthening women’s movements in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to be more representative of diverse groups of women, including women with disabilities, resulting in a stronger collective voice to challenge social norms and influence policies and key decisions affecting them.

The AWESOME programme focuses on two themes including Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Women’s Participation and Leadership (WPL) including political leadership. It works at three levels: self- to provide safe spaces for Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) including those led by women with disabilities, activists and young women to come together to increase collaboration and solidarity; society – to ensure greater willingness and support to challenge harmful gender norms and attitudes; and formal institutions – to improve the policy and legal framework for the realisation of women’s rights.

We will implement the AWESOME programme as a consortium of seven organisations including Womankind as the lead organisation. Partners implementing the project in the three focus countries are:

• Ethiopia: Siiqqee Women’s Development Association (SWDA)

• Ethiopia: Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Association (EWDNA)

• Kenya: Federation of Women Lawyers, Kenya (FIDA-Kenya)

• Kenya: Women Challenged to Challenge (WCC)

• Uganda: Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE)

• Uganda: National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU)

Ensuring that the AWESOME team is properly trained on disability awareness while addressing many of the common misconceptions about the disability community will be empowering and enlightening to the team. It will also create a more diverse and inclusive environment, and ultimately strengthen the impact of our work together and those we reach.

We are seeking a Consultant, with a proven background in developing training materials/tools on disability awareness and inclusion, to design and deliver a comprehensive training package to all consortium partners as part of our programme inception phase.

B. Scope:

This assignment is to develop a training package for the AWESOME partners and selected stakeholders with responsibility for programme delivery. This includes the review of existing policies and procedures with scope for strengthening these, as well as the development of such policies and procedures where they might not exist. The training will also be informed by the results of an Accessibility Audit, which will be carried out by all partners prior to the appointment and compiled into a report for use by the successful candidate. The training will include project team members from each partner organisation including Womankind staff, as well as one or more donor representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The training scope must include provision and consideration of the realities and needs of individuals participating in AWESOME programme activities and those reached through the programme to raise awareness of the needs and realities of persons with disabilities to outline, support and strengthen practical action to ensure inclusion in programme delivery. The training must provide participants with the knowledge, skills and ideas on how to adapt and modify programme activities to be fully inclusive. The training package should cover the following aspects and will be informed by the nature of AWESOME programme activities as outlined in the workplan.

Raise awareness, empower and enlighten the AWESOME programme team
Integrate expertise and perspectives from partners already working on disability
Strengthen understanding around disability inclusion taking a social and rights-based approach
Introduce disability inclusion; key issues (trends, opportunities, challenges), relevant international frameworks, definitions and measurement of disability (referencing the Washington Group set of questions) and link to MEL
Overview of the intersection of gender and disability, the unique challenges faced by women and girls with disabilities
Challenge common misconceptions about disabilities
Introduce key issues relating to disability and women across the main areas of the AWESOME programme – Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and participation in civic and political life
Provide scope to explore how to be inclusive, how to mainstream disability awareness and inclusion in the AWESOME programme including through policy and advocacy and influencing
Provide practical guidance on disability etiquette in programme delivery including both on and offline spaces
Embed disability inclusion within the full project cycle management process for women’s rights work, with particular reference to – project design, budgeting and relevant monitoring and evaluation frameworks
Identify opportunities to promote the inclusion of women with disabilities in the international legal framework
Notes on the session

Participants will include representatives from each AWESOME partner based across East Africa and the UK. Some partners are disability women’s rights organisations with relevant knowledge and expertise, and others may have a mixed level of understanding on the topics to be covered. The training should be designed to reflect input from partners working on disability women’s rights and the experience of their country contexts and be appropriate for those without such insight and knowledge. Please consider mode of delivery of the training to take into account the needs of participants which will include those with disabilities and ensure that language used doesn’t include too much jargon and if acronyms are used, please spell these out.
Three AWESOME partners are disability women’s rights organisations; EWDNA, WCC and NUWODU. We would like them to closely involved in the development of this training.
Whilst realising the challenges of remote training we would like the training to be as participatory as possible, involving skills shares and capacity building between participants.
C. Objectives

The objectives of this training package are:

A shared understanding of disability and inclusion issues and all associated aspects in the operating context of both the programme and individual organisations
A shared programme approach to promoting disability awareness, inclusion and learning
Practical steps which outline how to be inclusive and how to build inclusivity into all programme activity
Training tools which are appropriate, inclusive and relevant, with consideration of contexts of countries AWESOME is operating in
Training materials are inclusive, accessible and easily understood by speakers of other languages and those with physical disabilities such as hearing and visual impairment. Materials should be readable by assisted technology such as Jaws software.
D. Approach

We anticipate that the development of the training package will involve a multi-disciplinary team and varied approaches. The approach should prioritise participatory, African and intersectional feminist approaches and meaningful engagement with AWESOME partners and programme staff, and wider stakeholders as necessary. Engagement should include:

Desk review of documents and policies that are relevant to the training package development, including those belonging to AWESOME programme partners and the accessibility audit report, to identify gaps and points of action to follow up.
Literature review of existing relevant minimum standards to ensure the deliverables meet minimum standards and additional supporting documents.
Meetings with key programme staff and AWESOME partners as required to shape the development of training modules and materials with as minimum, a set up meeting, a review meeting and a final meeting.
Consultation during production with relevant AWESOME programme staff to ensure that all materials and tools are fully approved by Womankind (budget holder) together with programme partners, before they are finalised
E. Deliverables:

The training package should consist of a minimum of:

A presentation for the AWESOME programme team and representatives from the Government of the Netherlands, delivered by an experienced trainer. The presentation should be readable by Jaws software or be accompanied by a transcript document.
The presentation should be developed in such a way that it can be converted into a web-based tool for refresher and induction purposes
Relevant handouts to accompany the presentation.
Practical resources that can be used to raise awareness such as posters, call cards and leaflets.
All training materials should appropriately reflect and reference Womankind’s Disability and Inclusion policies and other relevant partner policies and be in a form that can be delivered online given the working context being imposed as a result of Covid 19.
Materials should be delivered in English but fully accessible, both for those with English as a second language and also for those with audio / visual impairments.

F. Suggested Timeframe

Deadline for proposal submission – 08.04.2021

Interview – w/c 12.04.2021

Proposal selection and decision communicated – 16.04.2021

Initial meeting – w/c 19.04.2021

Draft training package received – 03.05.2021

Feedback on training package – 10.05.2021

Training package finalised – 17.05.2021

Training delivered – w/c 24.05.2021

G. Requirements of your Proposal

Interested consultants should submit a proposal to Womankind that covers the following aspects. These aspects will comprise the criteria against which proposals will be assessed:

Demonstrate your understanding of the terms of reference and any amendments, if any, you would propose.
A concise draft methodology demonstrating your overall approach.
Demonstrate your ability to deliver training flexibly and effectively considering countries we work in and Covid era context.
A detailed CV demonstrating relevant skills and expertise, supported by relevant references.
A draft work plan including an indicative timetable detailing key tasks.
A draft budget. It is anticipated that the budget will not exceed £2,000, including VAT.
An example of similar work demonstrating capability with respect to this ToR. (To be reviewed in confidence).
D. Data and Documents to be provided

1. AWESOME partners DA&I policies

2. Accessibility Audit Report

3. National Standards – Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, UK

4. AWESOME Overview

How to apply:

Please direct any questions to Katy Wright (, AWESOME Programme Manager at Womankind by 1st April 2021.

Proposals should be submitted to Katy Wright (, AWESOME Programme Manager at Womankind by 8th April 2021.

Notification of evaluation of proposals: 16th April 2021.